General-purpose AI as digital brain, containing the following 2 major software components:

     1. Operating system for general-purpose AI - in development, first beta release expected in 2022

     2. ANS - Artificial Nervous System for AI - in development, first beta release expected in 2023

     where both operating system and ANS have different levels of complexity

     a. operating system OP-L1 and ANS-L1 with complexity level L1 ~ equivalent for biological insects

     b. operating system OP-L2 and ANS-L2 with complexity level L2 ~ equivalent for biological mammals

     c. operating system OP-L3 and ANS-L3 with complexity level L3 ~ equivalent for biological primates



04/18/2022, 12:40 PM

Tipalo AI - building block for cognitive AI

Introduction The cognitive AI is the digital brain corresponding to its biological equivalent, however every brain has a certain capacity, therefore it has different brain regions. The FPGA board is the...   More

04/01/2022, 11:24 AM

Tipalo static AI - strong AI with level of intelligence L1 - equivalent to insects

Description It consists of 3 main parts: 1. FPGA board with small to medium capacity and DDR3/DDR4 memory, see pic 2. VHDL operating system Tipalo OP-L1, to manage max. 1 M cells, beta release 3....   More