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04/17/2021, 05:28 PM

A "nice" way to treat AI, says ethicist

"for humans to flourish we must move beyond thinking of robots as potential future competitors" An interesting article published about how we could treat AI as partner   More

03/16/2021, 10:29 AM

What is an “algorithm”? It depends whom you ask

An interesting article published as opinion What is an “algorithm”? It depends whom you ask   More

12/28/2020, 08:47 AM

The goal of general intelligence remains as elusive as ever

In the article Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Live Up to Its Hype? an interesting assessment about the...   More

09/29/2020, 08:54 AM

Where Do Programming Languages Go to Die?

An interesting article published on EEJournal, where we made the following two comments. The important passages are marked in bold,...   More

11.09.2020, 11:49 AM

MIT’S Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) research alliance

The new CSAIL research alliance is the topic of the article published on EETimes, where at the end, interesting conclusions are...   More

07.08.2020, 09:50

What the AI Chip Market is All About

A very interesting analysis about current and future AI technologies   More

29.05.2020, 08:07

4 Things Today’s Engineer Must Know

A chat about AI and others with Daniel Cooley, senior vice president and chief strategy officer at Silicon Labs   More

22.05.2020, 11:48

Entering the Era of Real-Time AI

In this article , Adam Scraba, the director of product marketing at Xilinx, is presenting some insight and opinion, amongst others, about the "The...   More

27.01.2020, 11:33

Going on the edge

Leti’s CEO talks about edge AI, FD-SOI and other topics. At the end, some statements about the future AI:   More

20.09.2019, 11:17

Groq: No Show at AI Hardware Summit

The paragraph "Building a new brain", contains very some valuable information for startups, concerning the big issues to build a general...   More

24.06.2019, 11:43

Detailed description of actual AI concepts based on math

At the end of the article, our comments and the author's reply   More