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Theoretical background for Tipalo AI

Many inquiries ask about the theoretical background of Tipalo AI,
means of the deliberations and consideration taken into account
for the approach of biologically inspired general-purpose AI -->
resulting in a digital brain with an Artificial Nervous System.

Well, the concept was described a long time ago, between 2000 and 2003.
I wrote some books, but no publishing house, from USA, EU or Japan, agreed to publish them,
as they all asked for corresponding references from a university or others.
There are no supporting notes from any professor, as I developed the concept alone.

The concept requires massive parallel processing, which at that time, was not available,
but the further development in semiconductor, see FPGAs and HBM2 memory,
have now, since 2019, enabled the technology required to prove this approach.
So, I am implementing the concept myself, while programming in VHDL.

The goal is to present, presumably in 2021, an MVP, Minimum Viable Product,
as a study for the unique and complex Tipalo approach to develop and implement an AI,
which will prove the concept by having the first living machine with a digital brain,
as an embedded system consisting of body hardware, sensors, actors and organs.

The attached PDF document contains the summary of the following parts:

1. Introduction to the collection of books called "Men and machines"
2. AI - theoretical background
3. Theory - concept description
4. Extract of Book I - "The actual problems in software development"

 Walter Crismareanu Project AWAKE Technology Overview.pdf

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