Tipalo® - Time based pattern logic

Tipalo GmbH is a Swiss LLC, we are an AI startup, with own hardware + software to pioneer logic applications.
The Tipalo approach to AI is very simple: we take biological intelligence as a template, means the living brain.
The levels of intelligence have a template in nature, from insects via fishes / mammals / birds to primates.
This reflects the amount of neurons and their synapses, from 1M with 16, via 1G with 256, to 10 G with 1K.

The biological nervous system, BNS, has some complex features, which are the basis for living organisms:
1. interfaces to the different body components, means sensors, actors and internal organs
2. specialized neural nets, capable to adapt for a specific purpose, depending on the body and its intelligence
3. an own self-learning mechanism, enabling knowledge accumulation via own experience

Tipalo develops software with biological features similar to those found in biological brains:
1. A real-time operating system, which enables parallel execution of neural nets, capable of self-programming
2. Artificial Nervous System(ANS), as the sum of all connections within the neural nets, known as connectome
3. A self-learning mechanism(SLM) enables knowledge accumulation, using SAM, Self-associative memory

This enables living machines with body and self-learning brain, capable of coordination of all body parts.
For this we use FPGAs to prove our biological approach in conjunction with a certain body hardware;
afterwards combine the FD-SOI process with new persistent memory technologies to create a digital brain,
which will be placed in a cubesat, allowing its use on Earth, in harsh environments and even in deep space.

The digital brains can be used according to their levels of intelligence:
Level 1, for surveillance, intruder detection and autonomous delivery
Level 2, as pilots for autonomous vehicles of any kind, terrestrial, naval, aerospace
Level 3. as robotic workers, with different body hardware

What do we consider intelligence and why can we do this?

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